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This section refers to Spreaker Studio for Desktop.

Video Tutorial

I want to make and take calls. How can I connect Skype with Spreaker Studio?

We've streamlined Skype integration with Spreaker Studio with the help of simple external software. A quick tutorial walking you through the process can be found right in Spreaker Studio's menu, by clicking on the Skype icon.

I want to make and take calls. How can I connect Google Hangout with Spreaker Studio?

Integrating Google Hangout with Spreaker Studio is easy with the help of simple external software. Take a look at our quick tutorials walking you through the process, for both Windows and Mac / OS X.

How can I add audio files or music?

You can add audio files or music in two ways, by creating playlists or adding individual tracks.

Playlist: under Playlist, drag and drop tracks from your computer onto the console, or alternatively click on Add Tracks. Click on the "+" symbol to add more. Once you've completed your playlist, enable Auto DJ to have the songs play in a continuous queue, from first to last without interruption.

Tracks: if you choose the Track Option: to have a bit more control, opt for Tracks. Click on the "+" symbols in each deck to add an audio file or song. You'll be able to fade in and out of each as you segue into new topics or interviews.

What is the difference between mute and monitor?

There is an important difference between the monitor and mute button.

  • Whenever you enable monitor, the audio from that particular source (whether it's a song, an external microphone, or both) will come in through your headphones or speakers.
  • Whenever you enable the mute button, that particular source will be muted to your audience. So even if your playlist is playing, your audience won't be able to hear it if it's muted.

In other words, the monitor button controls what you hear, whereas the mute button controls what your audience hears.

Can I sync Spreaker Studio with external equipment? Or, what are the Microphone & Sources and Output sections and how do they work?

You can connect and manage professional equipment with Spreaker Studio through these drop-down menus.

For example, if you've connected a USB microphone to your computer, from the input sources, you'll be able to select the external mic instead of the built-in one on your computer.

What is Auto DJ?

When Auto DJ is enabled, the songs you had set up in the playlist will play in a continuous queue, from first to last without interruption.

How can I delete a song from my playlist?

Click on the delete symbol towards the right of each track (the trashcan symbol).

Can I add more sound effects?

You can upload your own sound effects by clicking on the "+" sign at the bottom and adding audio files from your computer. By clicking on Edit at the top, you'll be able to delete any unwanted sound effects by clicking on the "x" symbols that appear. You'll then have more room to upload even more sounds.

Can I broadcast live and/or record a podcast beforehand?

You can broadcast live if you've got internet access. If you don't, you can still record a podcast, and then publish it once you're connected.

Can I pause in the middle of recording?

Yes, you can pause your broadcast at any time and continue when you feel ready, but only when recording offline, or off the air.

In the image, the button marked by the yellow arrow is the one you have to click in order to pause as well as restart your broadcast. The one marked by the red arrow will end the recording and direct you away from the console.

Is it possible to chat while broadcasting live?

Yes, during a live broadcast, just click on the Chat tab on the right and jump in the conversation.

Can I broadcast from different computers with the same account?

Yes, you can, though not simultaneously.

Can I program my podcast to run through Spreaker Studio even after I've shut my computer off?

You must keep your computer and the app running when podcasting or broadcasting with Spreaker Studio.

For example, you cannot set up your playlist, hit play, and then shut down the app assuming it will keep going - the app has to stay open. The only way to have content play later is to first record your audio, then access the ​finished​ recording in your Drafts & Uploads, click Publish, and then choose to Publish later at a set time and date.

Why can't I broadcast for longer than 15 minutes?

Free Speech users can only broadcast live for up to 15 minutes at a time. To go live for longer, upgrade to one of our PRO plans.

Why can't I install Spreaker Studio for Windows?

If you're having issues running the installer and are getting the following error message: "Windows cannot access the specified device, path, or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item." try disabling your antivirus software temporarily and installing the app again.

I can't hear my Skype callers and/or they can't hear me, but VB Cable is set up correctly. What's going on?

If you're noticing input and output audio issues related to VB Cable, you can try changing the settings in VB Cable this way:

  1. Go to the Control panel
  2. Open the Sound settings
  3. Choose the Record tab
  4. Click the VB Cable (Output) Properties button.
  5. Opened Advanced tab.
  6. Uncheck the checked boxes (Exclusive use of the input)

Both the input and output audio on both Skype and Spreaker Studio should then work properly.

Can I use an external program to broadcast with Spreaker?

You can use these programs only if you're a Pro user. Through Tube, you can use any program which supports the Icecast2 streaming protocol. Some programs do not allow Icecast2 streaming, but you can use other programs which support audio capturing and streaming via Icecast2 (for example, using Nicecast on Mac allows you to use any audio program with Spreaker).

Here are some quick guides:


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